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Greg Keam

DeBeer Refinish
From Gunnedah in NSW, Greg spent a lot of time with Escorts in his younger years - the car type, not the other type that can cost just as much money! He started hill climbing his Mk1 Ford Escort in the late 80’s, before moving into rallies and rally sprints in a Toyota Sprinter. In 2005, he moved into Heritage Touring Cars with Bob Holden built Mk 11 Escorts and a Group A Mustang once owned by Lawrie Nelson.  He purchased the Kobelco Mustang off the Coulter family earlier this year for his first TA2 experience, and was on the pace from round one. He is a frontrunner for the Racetech Rookie of the Year award in the immaculately prepared De Beers Refinish Mustang.