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Barry Kelleher

Kelleher Racing
If ever there was proof age is just a matter of mind, then Barry Kelleher is living it. At 76 years of age and straight from a hip replacement, Barry strapped himself in the Mustang and joined the TA2 family at Sydney Motorsport Park. From Sprintcars to modlights, F1 Stock Cars and Late Models, Barry Kelleher has just about done it all in a 50-year speedway career starting in the UK racing against Derek Warwick on clay tracks. He clocked up a feature race win in the Sydney Sprintcar Premiership Grand Finals at Valvoline Raceway back in 1994, “Put the helmet on, get strapped in, fire her up, engage first gear and the brain, then when your tipping into Turn 1 at SMP doing over 240 kph, suddenly you aren’t feeling 76 anymore!”