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Cam Sendall

Cam Sendall doesn’t give up, he will work all day and all night to get your car back on track if he has to.

From managing the technical aspects of the series, to building TA2 engines in the workshop, running them up on the dyno, then downloading all the info to ensure each engine leaves the factory as it should - this Cam really does to do some lifting at the highest level!

Cam started work with Cragsted Performance in the 90’s, building high performance engines from pro stock cars and wild bunch cars, to speedway cars and ski race boats.

He spent many years in the drag racing industry maintaining several pro stock cars, wild bunch cars, and recently nitro funny cars.

He also dabbled in the sport with a 10 second Hilux drag Ute built in the shed at home.

Cam was also heavily involved in the restoration of the Group C Touring cars owned by John Harris.

After knowing TA2 founder Peter Robinson for quite a few years, Cam made a sea change and moved to Rockhampton, where he took a much needed break from the racing/engine industry and learnt a new trade in the hydraulic industry servicing drilling rigs.

Three and a half years later, he moved back to Brisbane to continue working with Peter.

Peter then purchased an Oztruck and it reignited Cam’s passion for cars.

2016 brought a new beginning, with Peter importing the Howe Gen 5 Camaro and the start of the TA2 Muscle Car Series began. He left Hy-Performance after 10 years of service to help build the “TA2 platform” thanks to the trust and belief from Peter and the Robinson family. Cam’s daughter Lauren and wife Catherine are also regulars at the track, Lauren often acting as a support to any team that needs help, and Catherine ensuring that the TA2 Family is well stocked with nibblies for the weekend.

I have been fortunate to have been able to compete in a Mustang and a Camaro. After a successful second season I took home Rookie of the Year.

I then competed at Bathurst 3 times and secured a 3rd place podium. I stepped out of the car to concentrate on the technical role at TA2 and we are all very proud of how this series has become the fastest growing motorsport category in the Country. I’ve been told I interact more with TA2 competitors than I do with my wife. Lol

-Cam Sendal