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D’arCy Greiner

Role in TA2 Racing Australia: Camera Data Col- lection & Compliance, Assistant to DSO & Radio Communications Specialist.

D’Arcy has been involved in motorsport for many years.

From speedway and drag racing in the 80’s and 90’s with Dad, then engineering/crew chiefing Go-Karts, along with involvement in Oztrucks and V8Utes until 2015 when TA2 Racing Australia first fired up.

Having known Peter Robinson with OzTrucks, it was an easy migration to TA2 Racing Australia. The commitment, the vision & the dedication to the competitor was clearly visible to anyone who checked out PBR and TA2 Racing Australia. D’Arcy engineered Greg Willis’ #44 Camaro from 2016 to the start of 2019 then accepted the current role with the series.

"The TA2 Racing Australia Family is a strong unit and we are all there to have great memorable weekends of motorsport."

D’Arcy’s current role combines interacting with all the teams to make sure their camera footage is available and usable for daily media releases and broadcast quality for the post produced highlights television show, to helping Geoff Leeds, the TA2 Driving Standards and Prosecuting Officer in gathering, and analysing footage for use in on-track judicial matters.