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Wade Aunger

Wade Aunger has been talking about fast cars, bikes and even boats pretty well his whole life.

He started announcing ‘World Championships’ with matchbox cars on the lounge room floor as a toddler, and maybe a slightly deeper voice, a hairier chin and an awesome portfolio of some amazing images shot on the Canon is the only difference almost fifty years later.

Motorsport commentary became his life! He’s been fortunate enough to call race cars and bikes throughout Australia, New Zealand, the USA and UK. Every year, he travels to America to announce, host, interview and present at two of the big- gest Speedway races in the world - The Knoxville Nationals for Sprintcars and the IMCA Super Nationals for “Modifieds” and “Stock Cars”.

Almost five decades on he’s still living his dream!

His true passion has always been oval track car and bike dirt Speedway. It was Nathan Prendergast (former Head of Supercar Me- dia) who was “SBS Speedweek” producer at the time and bullied (encouraged) him into calling all manner of other bitumen, dirt and even water genres starting back in 1999.

Wade’s CV reads like a “Who, What and Where” of the motorsport world! Gigs included calling TA2 Muscle Cars, the Gold Coast Indy 600 ( Indycars and Supercars back then) The V8 Brutes, Drags, (not the Rue Paul type) Drifting, MX, Supercross, Truck Racing, F3, F2, Mini Challenge, Monster Trucks, Rallying, Five World Speedway Grand Prix, Bathurst, Commodore Cup, GT Performance, Targa, Offshore Powerboats, Jet Sprints, Jet Ski Racing, Ski Racing (including the epic Southern 80), the Summernats, Tractor

Pulls, Bitumen Karts, Stadium Trucks, Speedway Karts, Dirt Karts, Carrera Cup, Muscle Car Masters, the Power Tour, Burnouts, Unlimited Displacement BAD boats...that’s what he can recall offhand! Now that’s a CV even Murray Walker would like to boast.

Funny story, the F1 bosses told me that my services as a Mini Challenge announc- er weren’t required at Albert Park for the F1GP after the first day one year - appar- ently, I was too 80’s and too Speedway. I was a little too hyped for the Boss and Benetton clothed Rolex wearing too cool for the room F1 crowd! They actually might take notice of the support catego- ries and find them enjoyable to watch! We can’t have that!

What a bloody compliment! Of course I was! And proud of it!

All those things. AND THE PEOPLE. I’m a people guy. That’s why I love TA2. And the cars are mint. I’ve even got to announce a couple of rounds with my son Liam for 7Mate! Now that’s a win win! This year has been one of my busiest years ever for announcing Desert Racing, Motocross, Top Fuel and Top Doorslammer Drag Racing. Sprintcars, Monster Trucks and of course those beautiful loud sexy TA2 beasties!

I can’t thank Craig enough for his con- stant belief in me over twenty years now and for the TA2 Family for being so wonderful. Announcing fast things has been my life and I hope it is for a lot longer...

-Wade Aunger